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Starting Date         :   18 January 1980

Director                 :     Mr LAGHMAM MOHAMED

Postal address      :    El Qods BP Area: 417 Oujda

Phone                   :     05 36 50 05 94/95

Fax                       :     05 36 50 06 08

The Residence Hall is a public building connected to the National University Social and Cultural Works Office (NUSCWO) whose mission is:

  • Restauration,

  • Accommodation,

  • Conducting Social, cultural and sports activities.


As with the other residence halls, restauration is ensured from Monday to Saturday after noon, or 06 times lunch and 05 times dinner.

The Residence Hall in Oujda has 2 refectories with a capacity of 500 seats each, 05 wards; an annex located at the Science and Technology School (STS) and a new annex ceded by the Presidency. The overall capacity is distributed as follows:

  • Pavilion A: 624 beds, reserved for male students;

  • Pavilion B: 624 beds reserved for female students;

  • Pavilion C: 618 beds reserved for female students;

  • Pavilion D: 624 beds reserved for female students

  • Pavilion E: 600 beds, reserved for female students

  • the SST Annex: 320 beds, reserved for female students

  • New Annex: 456 beds reserved for female students

  • In other words, a total capacity of 3866 beds.

Note that the university Residence Hall of Oujda has been blessed with 02 new residence buildings with a capacity of 1025 beds as of the academic year 2013 - 2014.

In terms of social, cultural and sports facilities, the Residence Hall has :

  • 01 Study Room: 900 m2

  • 01 Library: 100 m2

  • 01 Cafeteria: 480 m2

  • 01 Prayer Hall : 112 m2

  • 01Healthcare Center : 98 m2

  • Football, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball Grounds, and 01 Gymnasium


Al Hoceima Residence Hall has 250 rooms of 15 to 16m2 each, with a capacity of 2 students per room. The Residence Hall is endowed with sanitary and hygienic services (healthcare center, laundry, etc.).

The area used for accommodation is about 7200 m2;

while that used for restauration (refectory, kitchen, stock rooms) is estimated at 500 m2. 


The Residence Hall of Selouane strengthens students hosting capacity in the province of Nador as it consists of 255 rooms amounting to 1020 beds. It also includes a Refectory, Dormitory rooms, a Healthcare center, a Sports field and some green spaces.


Accommodation is primarily attributed on social criteria. To qualify, one must fill in an application form and submit it to the administration of the Residence Hall. The conditions for granting a bed at the Hall are the same as for all university halls as from the academic year 2013 - 2014.

Terms and Conditions :

  • Applicants should be enrolled in an institution of higher education

  • Residing outside Oujda

  • With low family income

Documents Required :

Applications must submit an application within the deadlines determined by the Registrar. It must include the following documents:

  1. A Form duly completed,

  2. Certified Copies of the Baccalaureate degree,

  3. 4 Identity Photos with one glued in the box on the form,

  4. 2 Stamped envelopes bearing the student's postal addresst,

  5. A copy of the National Identity Card (NIC),

  6. A Certificate Testifying of the father (or guardian) and mother’s profession,

  7. A Certificate of non-employment in case one of the parents does not work

  8. A Certificate of registration at an MIU institution, specifying the level of study,

  9. A Certificate of ‘Collective Life’ issued by the Civil Registration Authorities,

  10. A Residence Certificate,

  11. A Certification of Parents’ Annual Income (Model AAP0S0F / 07),

  12. A Medical Certificate.


  •   DHS 360 PER YEAR

Conferences and Events

Water management and environment protection are important factors for Sustainable development. They have also become focal themes of debates be they scientific, political, economic and social. The First International Forum on Water and Environment Studies aims at bringing forth the importance and the stakes of both in addition to suggesting solutions for problems met in the domain.

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The Faculty of Law and Economics is organizing a Conference on the following theme: “The Maghreb and Transnational Threats”, for further details see the Link.



2. Sultan MulaySlimane University and the University Network (RUNET) is organizing a Spring Programme (Université de Printemps) on the Energetic Efficacy (UP2E) for the Moroccan Doctoral Students from 11 through 15 of April 2016.



The Industrial and Technological Engineering Platform (ENSA, Oujda) is organizing an International Conference on: Innovating Materials and their Applications. The Conference will be held from 21st April to 22nd.


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