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At MIU, there are regular cultural activities and workshops conducted on campus (Lecture Cycle, art workshops, poetry writing, creative writing, music performance and lessons, photography, theatrical activities, foreign students Programs (visits to Moroccan families), National Theatre Festival, a Science Week, Forums, discoveries of other cultures (student associations), etc.

The cultural strategy adopted involves access to culture for a greater number of students to enable them to develop curiosity and knowledge of cultural wealth and diversity.

These objectives cannot be met outside the framework of certain measures and conditions necessary to the appropriation of the cultural project of the academic community. For this reason, the structure of the university’s cultural activities is done by setting up capable bodies to manage this field. These bodies have the responsibility to participate, support and coordinate all aspects of cultural life on campus and create the necessary environment for an ambitious and diversified cultural program.


Cultural activities accompany the training of students and allow them to develop a free and complementary way to their creativity. This is meant to provide pleasure of writing and the faculty to assess their own skills and improve them, etc.


Introduce students to the techniques of theater. Theatrical managers supervise production by the students to prepare the end-of-year performance. The SIC accompanies this effort by publicizing it throughout the cities of the area and offering guidance. The best performance is selected and financed to represent the University in national and international festivals.


Introduces the writing up of film-scripts, technical decoupage, shooting, sound effects, editing and the realization of short films. These may participate in national short films, video and digital cinema festivals.


Enable the discovery of the skills of photography. They also teach different techniques of shooting in the studio and outside.


Initiate and train students to do research in visual arts; develop their personal productions and their abilities to conduct research related to this activity.


 Allow students to find the joy of self-expression and creative writing, introduce them to the world of poetry, enable them to participate in the competition of poetry at the end of each academic year.


Teach about music, organize the end of the year festivals, enable participation in local and national festivals.


Empower participants through discussion and reproduction of tales, which is also an initiation of storytelling and discovery of the specificities of the story as a literary genre.

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SIC – Cultural Activities

Email        :   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone           :  +212 5 36 50 29 79

Fax          :  +212 5 36 50 06 09

Address   :  District Al Qods BP 524 Oujda 60000 Morocco

Conferences and Events

Water management and environment protection are important factors for Sustainable development. They have also become focal themes of debates be they scientific, political, economic and social. The First International Forum on Water and Environment Studies aims at bringing forth the importance and the stakes of both in addition to suggesting solutions for problems met in the domain.

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The Faculty of Law and Economics is organizing a Conference on the following theme: “The Maghreb and Transnational Threats”, for further details see the Link.



2. Sultan MulaySlimane University and the University Network (RUNET) is organizing a Spring Programme (Université de Printemps) on the Energetic Efficacy (UP2E) for the Moroccan Doctoral Students from 11 through 15 of April 2016.



The Industrial and Technological Engineering Platform (ENSA, Oujda) is organizing an International Conference on: Innovating Materials and their Applications. The Conference will be held from 21st April to 22nd.


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