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  • Offshoring Training

Training programs will be provided on site with the aim of meeting the needs of businesses in terms of technicians and engineers in particular, and in areas of offshoring activities. The proximity of the businesses to the campus is a real opportunity for internships within the companies which will have a favorable impact on employment of graduates.

  • In-service Training:

In-service Training programs will be developed and implemented in partnership with professionals. This campus will also offer a range of qualifying skills (in-service, certified, and tailored to the needs of the client) for the benefit of the enterprises personnel. Alternated Training programs will also be developed on demand. 

  • Research and Innovation

Research laboratories in different technological a domain will be located on-site with a sufficiently evolving human and physical capacity. The different facets and valorization of research results are inseparable from the technological activities of the campus.

  • Business Incubation

This is a place of entrepreneurship as it hosts a nursery for innovative companies which will be supervised, supported and accompanied during their creation process. The development of entrepreneurship and the creation of spin-offs will result from a Cross-fertilization of research laboratories and enterprises located on site.

  • Expertise

This concerns the implementation of studies, consulting and provision of services for the enterprises and business operators.

  • Transfer South / South

The University Technology Center (UCT) is also a platform for South/South cooperation, and a technological transfer hub between African countries. In this sense, two conventions have been recently signed with the African Regional Technology Centre (ARTC) and the Centre for Scientific Research of Equatorial Guinea.

  • Infrastructures

    • A Training Space: combining classrooms and labs, smart rooms, a media library;
    • A Research Area: bringing together all the research laboratories;
    • A Business Incubator;
    • Technology Platforms: grouping all the scientific equipment and simulation software for practical work, research and experimentation related to the activities of the three aforementioned areas;
    • Accommodation and Conferences Areas; and
    • An Administration;
    • A Living space.
  • Platforms : The university campus houses the following platforms:


      A Renewable Energy Platform;
    • A Civil Engineering Platform;
    • An Industrial Engineering Platform;
    • A Water and Environment Platform;
    • A Mechatronics platform. The representations of the following platforms will also be housed in the UTC:
    • Electronics- electrical engineering-automation;
    • Information Technologies and Communication;
    • Biotechnology;
    • Laboratory analysis and quality control;
    • Remote Sensing Station.

The UTC spreads of an area of about 10 hectares including 4 teams which are equipped and busy working on this project. The remaining 6 hectares will be reserved for future expansion.

Conferences and Events

Water management and environment protection are important factors for Sustainable development. They have also become focal themes of debates be they scientific, political, economic and social. The First International Forum on Water and Environment Studies aims at bringing forth the importance and the stakes of both in addition to suggesting solutions for problems met in the domain.

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The Faculty of Law and Economics is organizing a Conference on the following theme: “The Maghreb and Transnational Threats”, for further details see the Link.



2. Sultan MulaySlimane University and the University Network (RUNET) is organizing a Spring Programme (Université de Printemps) on the Energetic Efficacy (UP2E) for the Moroccan Doctoral Students from 11 through 15 of April 2016.



The Industrial and Technological Engineering Platform (ENSA, Oujda) is organizing an International Conference on: Innovating Materials and their Applications. The Conference will be held from 21st April to 22nd.


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